Bosses in #killallzombies may seem indestructible. Here are some tips about defeating them! 

The Dongerino (at wave 10, approximately 7:30)

This guy is invincible most of the time so you should wait for the right moment to take him down. 

His main attack is slamming the floor with his "hands" 3 times in a rowAfter that he becomes vulnerable for a while.

§ When you take ¼ of his HP the spikes come out out of the floor after a warning

§  When you take ½ of his HP the spikes come out of the floor after a short warning

§  When you take most of his HP the spikes come out without a warning.


The Crusherhino (at wave 15, approximately 19:00)

There’s always a toxic cloud around this beast which poisons zombies and takes your HP so you don’t want to get close to him. The only way to kill him is shooting at his left or right side.

His main attack is dashing towards you and stabbing with his horn.

§ Like Dongerino, when you take away large chunks of his HP, he lets out waves (up to 3) from his left and right sides.

Good luck with getting beast down!


The Dinosaur (at wave 20, approximately 30:00, and again at wave 30, approximately 40:00)

This velociraptor with a turret for a head will slowly walk toward you. When you get close to it, it will shoot out three volleys of m60-like ammo. After three of these three-bullet volleys, a missile will be shot out and track you. In order to kill the boss (who is impervious to bullets), you need to aim the missiles into the dinosaur's body.

The Mother Hive (at wave 25, approximately 35:00)

This alien boss has a shield protecting it from bullets until after it shoots out its projectiles that take up most of the screen. Once the wave of projectiles ends, the hive is able to be damaged. Once you have damaged it enough, it'll collapse to the ground for a short period of time and will still be shootable. After two or three times of it collapsing, it'll die.